In Development

On 30 January 2018, White House Development and the Municipality of Gouda signed an agreement regarding the purchase of the Weeshuiscomplex. White House Development transformed the historic buildings into a luxury hotel and restaurant. The hotel was completed in May 2021.

Weeshuis Gouda is a unique ensemble of historical buildings in Gouda’s city centre. Together, these remarkable national and municipal heritage sites make this a very valuable location in cultural and historical terms. The Weeshuiscomplex is situated in the oldest and most atmospheric part of Gouda’s old town, surrounded by greenery and some of the city’s greatest monuments like the Sint Janskerk.

The area’s rich past and the many stories of the people who were part of it form an important element of the hotel concept. In partnership with Mei architects and planners, we have delved deep into the history of the individual buildings and the history of Gouda and its trades. This colourful past has been visibly and tangibly celebrated in the transformation of the Weeshuiscomplex into a luxury hotel-restaurant.

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