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As one of only two surviving public swimming pools designed by the architect Wolter Bakker, Gouda’s Spaardersbad is a very special location. Built in 1938, the Spaardersbad (‘Savers’ Pool’) owes its name to the citizens of Gouda, who saved up the required funds in the years around 1933 to realise this covered facility. The building is fondly remembered by countless Gouwenaren as the place where they earned their swimming diploma as a child. It was included on the municipal monuments register in 1990.

The swimming pool closed its doors in May 2013. In partnership with Mei architects and planners, White House Development has developed plans to convert the building into a one-of-a-kind residential complex with six homes. These units will be situated around the former swimming pool. The pool basin will be transformed into a communal courtyard garden, a green oasis with light effects that bring the water back to life after sundown. In addition, the roof over the former pool will be opened to let in abundant sunlight and expose the building’s original roof construction.

The required permits have all been issued and sales have already started. We expect to complete work on the homes themselves in late March 2019. Most of the homes have already found buyers, but feel free to contact Boer Makelaardij, Gouda for further details on any units that may still be available for sale.

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