White House Development is a reliable and involved partner when it comes to handling investors’ interests. We act as intermediary between a building’s users and owner, coordinate all aspects of the management process and safeguard the property’s quality in terms of valuation, utilisation, comfort and maintenance levels. Our portfolio comprises a variety of locations that are used for commercial and retail activities, offices and homes.

Core activities


  • Interaction with lessees and suppliers
  • Drawing up of lease and sales agreements
  • Management and administration of lease agreements and dossiers
  • Coordinating and mediating in brokerage activities (geared towards sale and lease)


  • Fixed contact for technical issues and faults(24/7)
  • Inventorying, identifying and resolving technical issues
  • Drawing up of long-term maintenance budgets and plannings
  • Planning, tendering and supervision of scheduled maintenance and servicing
  • Finalisation and monitoring of maintenance and servicing contracts


  • Lease invoicing
  • Accounts and receivables
  • Settlement of service charges
  • Provision of financial reports
  • Management of debt collection procedures

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