About us

White House Development (WHD) is an energetic and experienced partner in all aspects of development. We are always on the look-out for new transformation and redevelopment opportunities, with a sharp eye for one-of-a-kind locations and heritage quality. We stay on top of market developments and the ideas, wishes and opportunities found in the sector. In many cases, this means making a critical reassessment of values that may seem set in stone – yielding a fantastic product for the end user and giving major impetus to the urban environment in the process.

Each member of the team specialises in a different aspect of the development process. This means we have the knowledge and expertise in house to handle any project – no matter how complex.

Our passion and professionalism have allowed us to realise a range of wonderful, sustainable and high-quality locations for future users, including the Rijksadministratie, the Weeshuiscomplex and the Kaaspakhuis in Gouda. Among other things, our Kaaspakhuis redevelopment has been recognised with the Nationale Staalprijs, the 2018 Iconic Award and the ARC18 Development Award.

In addition, White House Development is a reliable and involved partner when it comes to handling investors’ interests. We act as intermediary between a building’s users and owner, coordinate all aspects of the management process and safeguard the property’s quality in terms of valuation, utilisation, comfort and maintenance levels.

  • Maurits Kortleven
    Maurits Kortleven
  • Martin Rietveld
    Martin Rietveld
  • Tom Krispijn
    Tom Krispijn
  • Coen Dolk
    Coen Dolk
  • Geert van Welzen
    Geert van Welzen
  • Martin van der Werf
    Martin van der Werf
  • Korstiaan Schuilenburg
    Korstiaan Schuilenburg
  • Liesbeth van den Heuvel-Borreman
    Liesbeth van den Heuvel-Borreman
  • Bram van der Wolf
    Bram van der Wolf
  • David Bouckaert
    David Bouckaert
  • Danielle van Bebberen
    Danielle van Bebberen
  • Jan Verveer
    Jan Verveer
  • Catharina de Haan
    Catharina de Haan

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