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Below we keep you posted about the different project we’re working on.

De Gouwekerk, Gouda


The Gouwekerk, a national monument built between 1902 and 1904, is located on the Hoge Gouwe in the center of Gouda. Unique to the church is the 80-meter-high tower that can be seen from afar and can also be called the highest point in the city. The monumental church was purchased by a private investor, for which White House Development will take care of the redevelopment.

The church is being renovated on both the inside and outside. In the coming years, the Gouwekerk will be partly used as a showroom for the Prospectt brand house and will also be rented out to third parties. The church will also have a social function outside of commercial use.

Asterdwarsweg, Amsterdam


In trendy Amsterdam North, the former warehouse at Asterdwarsweg 1 is undergoing a remarkable transformation into Uptown Amsterdam: a sustainable hotel in development.
The project involves the addition of an eight-storey hotel building to an existing warehouse building, with the “public” part of over 600 m2 being completely renovated. This includes an accessible restaurant and hotel facilities, while the remaining spaces serve as a parking facility and bicycle shed. The hotel, with approximately 150 rooms, is designed in such a way that it is structurally independent in the existing warehouse, with a roof terrace on the top floor. Construction is scheduled to start in the 3rd quarter of 2024, with completion in the 3rd quarter of 2026. Uptown Amsterdam will not only be a hotel, but also a vibrant part of the local community, with respect for the past and attention to the future.

Stavorenweg, Gouda

The two existing office buildings have been demolished. Two commercial spaces will then be built in phases, with a commercial function to be completed on the ground floor, including storage, industrial hall and peripheral retail. Spread over 4 the layers and in varying in surface area between 10m² and 60m² there will be storage boxes that can be rented or sold separately.

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