In Development

On Karnemelksloot in Gouda lies an enchanting national heritage site, surrounded by a spacious garden dotted with huge, monumental trees. Originally constructed as a military hospital in 1876, the building was then used for decades as a tax office. Today – after yet another interesting transformation – the Rijksadministratie complex houses six exclusive city villas. In reference to the building’s former function, each of these homes has been named after a historical Dutch coin: Villa Dukaat, Villa Schelling, Villa Gulden, Villa Florijn, Villa Duit and Villa Daalder.

The villas have floor sizes ranging from 350 to 400 square metres, and this spacious atmosphere is enhanced further by their 5-m tall ceilings. The building is also distinguished by wonderful neo-renaissance details that have been preserved from the original design. While the villas aren’t that different in terms of floor area and atmosphere, each home is set apart by various unique characteristics: a beautiful, monumental entrance, for example; mezzanines; a room that opens onto the garden; a great view of the street; or iconic wide hallways. Moreover, the Rijksadministratie complex not only has a communal 2,000-m² garden; each villa also has a private, south-facing garden that is some 50 to 80 m² in size.

Work on the six homes was completed in late 2017. White House Development can look back on a very interesting transformation that is successful in part thanks to the hard work of its project partners Mei architect and planners, Boer Makelaardij and Vastbouw B.V.

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